Has it really been 2 months?

I now have two months experience driving a sidecar, and I’m still getting used to it.  I took the S/TEP (Sidecar / Trike Education Program) in  Lufkin, Texas, the first weekend of July.  It is taught by Marcus Renfroe a very experienced sidecar driver, mechanic, and educator.  The class was great and I left there with more confidence and skill and much more respect for the machine I am trying to master.  I recommend this class for anyone who is considering  a sidecar (or trike).

Not only have I been driving my rig, but I have been doing a little maintenance and repairs.  Replaced the tire on the sidecar.  Put on a wide white wall which gave the rig a more vintage look.  I get a lot of compliments about how it looks.


Also, replaced the front brake pads, but folks can see them to say, “great looking brakes”.  It does stop better. Took the tub off and had it repainted – now that looks nice.

The next thing I am considering is going through a complete realignment of the sidecar to motorcycle.  It might not need it, but it just doesn’t look correct.  The bike leans too much to the left.


That is called “lean out” and the rig needs some for correct handling. I have heard and read that each rig has it’s own personality and must be aligned accordingly.  I’ll let you know if it was better before I “fixed” it.

Author: Bud Campbell

I consider myself an Adventure Motorcycle Traveler with over 50 years riding experience. Been to all four corners of North America, and always thinking about my next ride / adventure. I have a stable full of motorcycles and check the adds and forums regularly for another one; however, limited space keeps me in check, so I only have five right now. Just started a new adventure by buying a Sidecar rig. Man, (and ladies) this is totally different. So different I thought it needed a blog all to itself. Might have to change my handle from Lowrider Bud to Sidecar Bud. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. Later, Bud...

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