07/11/19 – Billings to Great Falls

Pretty boring day today.  Just road to Great Falls, Montana.  Didn’t take any pictures.  Not too much to report.  I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow.

The Rockies are starting to show up in the distance, but too far away for a good picture from a cheap camera.  Stayed right down town at the Greystone Inn.  Nice hotel, but had a very unusual policy; no children.  The guy that waited to register for way too long with his two kids was really pissed when they told him.

Tomorrow we plan to make it to Canada.  Sounds like a photo moment to me.

Later, Bud…



Author: Bud Campbell

I consider myself an Adventure Motorcycle Traveler with over 50 years riding experience. Been to all four corners of North America, and always thinking about my next ride / adventure. I have a stable full of motorcycles and check the adds and forums regularly for another one; however, limited space keeps me in check, so I only have five right now. Just started a new adventure by buying a Sidecar rig. Man, (and ladies) this is totally different. So different I thought it needed a blog all to itself. Might have to change my handle from Lowrider Bud to Sidecar Bud. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. Later, Bud...

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