07/18/19 – Sometimes things just don’t go like you plan…

I am having network problems, can’t upload pictures (and I’ve got some good ones).  So, I’m posting this just to let you know we made it to Alaska and are doing fine.  I’ll try to get things updated and loaded, but might need to be back in the lower 48 before I can get a connection that will allow it.

Rob and Matt finally caught up with us today, and they are turning around and going back to Utah tomorrow.  The Colonel and I are going to Anchorage.  I’ll post as soon as I can.

Later, Bud…

07/15/19 – Grande Prairie to Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Really got lucky with the tire. The first place I called had one. Not the style I would pick if I was back in Coldspring, and ordering off the internet, but it’s the right size and I’m 3,000 miles from home.

New Tire

Got it installed and we were on the road before 12:00 noon. Rides and handles pretty good. Hope it last till I’m back in Texas.

Today we rode 440 miles after getting the tire, and got into Fort Nelson about 7:30 PM local time. We are now on Pacific Time, and 2 hour behind Texas time. Both the Colonel and I are beat.

British Columbia

It rained off and on for much of the trip, and the rain gear strategy worked pretty well; put it on and it’ll stop raining. But the temperature dropped from 72 to 59 and stayed that cold for about 2 hours – burrrr.

Along the way we saw two black bears. One was pretty small and we did ‘t get a picture; however, the second one was full grown, maybe 400 lbs. He was eating berries and paid no attention to us. Bears like berries.

Black Bear

Tomorrow it off to Watson Lake and the Sign Post Village.

Later, Bud…

07/14/19 – Saskatchewan River Crossing to Grande Prairie

Left the Crossing in 45 degrees and raining, what a start, but it got better. A bear and a heard of elk. The high temp for the day was 62, and it rained almost all day. Part of the adventure.

We are in between Banff and Jasper Parks and the scenery is all breath taking, and we did see some wildlife, and as I promised here are the pictures.

Just a short distance from the lodge we stopped to see this waterfall. Interesting, when I was here in 2011, Bad Bob and I stopped and took pictures of it.


Riding farther north we noticed cars parked on both sides of the road. We had to stop to see what was going on – a brown bear was enjoying a breakfast of berries. He/she wasn’t paying attention to the tourist with their cameras and phones capturing the moment; just munching away on the berries.

Brown Bear

It was still pretty cold and rainy so we stopped for a coffee and to warm up. Got back on the bikes and 5 miles later – cars parked on both sides of the road. This time it was a heard of elk, maybe 8 or 10 all together. My first shot was a young buck on the opposite side of the road.

Elk 1

Then I noticed movement right next to me and got this picture. She’s probably 20 feet away.

Elk 2

…and as we are leaving Jasper Park we came upon these mountain goats. They’re a little scruffy, but ready to have their picture made.

Mountain Goats

After all the excitement and pictures of the wildlife, we pressed on to Grande Prairie, Alberta. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be able to find a rear tire for my bike. I’ve got about three places to check.

The plan for tomorrow is get me a tire, and if time permits, ride on to Fort Nelson, BC.

Later, Bud…

07/12/19 and 07/13/19 – Made It To Canada

Today is my son Scott’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Scott. Hope you have a wonderful day. Do stuff you like to do.

Also, found out that my grandson Charlie won a watermelon eating contest today. Way to go Charlie.

We left Grand Falls, Montana and fought a 90 degree cross-wind all the way to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The speed limit was 80 MPH in Montana and the wind was probably 20+ MPH. Makes for a tiring day in the saddle, but we made it to Canada.

Made It To Canada

There was  also a Canadian flag behind us, but I set the self-timer on the camera, ran and stood in front of the Canadian flag.  I’ll get this picture thing worked out just about the time I get back to Texas.  So, here’s the sign for welcoming us to Alberta.

Welcome to Alberta

After taking the picture and riding away I noticed off to the right an entire heard of elk.  They were in a private pen; probably being raised for hunting.

We decided to camp in Calagry, and stayed at the Calagry West Campground. Located down the road from the Calgary Olimpic Park. They closed the road and we had to hope on the sidewalk for about 500 feet to ride around the construction. Nice place, but they didn’t have electricity or WiFi in the tent area. So I could not post our progress.  After a good night sleeping on the ground, I woke up to the Colonel fixing coffee on his little one burner stove. Then we loaded up and took off for Banff. About 30 miles from Banff, the Canadian Rockies came into view -WOW. Being Saturday, there were thousands of people all going to the same places we were, Banff National Park and points north.

Bow Lake 1

Canadian Rockies 30 miles from Banff.

We found the Harley shop in Banff. They don’t sell motorcycles, so we bought shirts. You can never have too many Harley shirts. Then it was off to Lake Louise, another tourtist town.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise – I got to see this view with about a million other tourist.

As you ride on CA-93 the sencery just gets better by the kilometer.  Here’s Bow Lake, most beautiful green water it almost doesn’t look real.

Canada 1 Bantf

About 30 miles north of Lake Louise it started raining. It wasn’t going to let up so we stopped at Saskatchewan River Crossing. We had planned to camp somewhere in this area, but with the rain we got a room at the lodge. It’s still raining as I write this, and might have to deal with it tomorrow. Biggest problem with that is the wildlife will probably be bedded down and limit any opportunities for seeing cool stuff. If we see a bear or an elk I’ll try to get a picture.

More later, Bud…

07/11/19 – Billings to Great Falls

Pretty boring day today.  Just road to Great Falls, Montana.  Didn’t take any pictures.  Not too much to report.  I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow.

The Rockies are starting to show up in the distance, but too far away for a good picture from a cheap camera.  Stayed right down town at the Greystone Inn.  Nice hotel, but had a very unusual policy; no children.  The guy that waited to register for way too long with his two kids was really pissed when they told him.

Tomorrow we plan to make it to Canada.  Sounds like a photo moment to me.

Later, Bud…



07/10/19 – Chaderon, Nebraska to Billings, Montana

Long day in the saddle today.  It started out rather cool; 54 degrees at 7:00 AM in Chaderon this morning.  Really glad I packed for the occasion.  Put on my riding jacket and turn on the headed grips.  Felt pretty good.  The temps stayed below 70 till we were will into Wyoming.  Had breakfast in Hot Springs, South Dakota, then on to Custer.  On the way we saw these guys right next to the road.

Wind Cave Park

Told ya it was going to get better.

Beautiful scenery all the way to Gillette; after that it was 80 MPH on I-90 to Billings.

Think we are planning a light day for tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Later, Bud…

07/09/19 -Hays, Kansas to Chaderon, Nebraska

Things are working much better today, well, at least until we got to our lodging at Ft. Robinson State Park in Crawford, NE.  The room we had reserved in the lodge was totally unacceptable.  So, we cancelled it and rode on to Chaderon.  Got an okay room at the Super 8.

While traveling through Kansas and Nebraska, I had pretty much decided the picture part of this trip was to come later.  But, as we came around a curve and over a hill this is what western NE offered up.


Pretty nice…

Over The Colonel’s shoulder, even more lovely vistas.

Jim Ft. Robinson

Things are going to get better.

Later, Bud…